The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap!

A common question we see asked around the various cosmetic based forums is based around finding the best makeup brushes for cheap while still getting maximum value for your money. In todays article, we plan to do our best at going over the best cheap makeup brushes we were able to find as well as offer some tips and tricks you are able to implement yourself when selecting a brush.

As with most things in life, if you purchase an entry level product to save money, you usually get limited features, lower quality or a a less reliable version of the more premium priced options available. Cosmetic and makeup brushes are no different to this with a bunch of the entry level options being a potential minefield to anyone new to makeup.

One of the main problems that we see makeup users complaining about is that the bristles on their makeup brushes fallout within months or sometimes even weeks of the purchase. The vast majority of the time, this is actually down to user error with the owner of the brush cleaning them in a chemically enhanced solution that ends up dissolving all of the adhesive that is holding the bristles to the brush. Over time, more and more of it dissolves meaning the brush bristles will fall out. A quick and easy work around to minimise this is to use warm water to clean your makeup brushed. It has a neutral PH and will not have any effect on the bristle adhesive.

Although brush colour preference will come down to the individual user, another common complaint we often see is that the colour of the brush set does not match the rest of the users makeup kit. Again, this one comes down to the user, only purchase items that are the same colour as your current cosmetic items. If you are the type of person who likes everything to match then it maybe an idea to look at getting your collection in a natural wood finish as that is a common choice when it comes to the handles of the brushes.

The next common problem we will be addressing is that of the quality of the product itself. While there are some pop up companies out there that are only looking to earn a quick buck and will cut all corners possible to do so, we have found that the major cosmetic companies keep all of their products to the same high standard. This also applies to their entry level products that are usually much cheaper than those in their more premium line ups. Always be sure to read customer reviews where possible before purchasing the product so you get some idea of what you will be getting before parting with your hard earned money!

Next up, we will be looking at the brush use, there are a number of different makeup techniques that required a wide range of brush heads to complete. There will simple never be one single brush to rule them all and be able to help you get the perfect look due to each look requiring a different type of brush head. Many makeup brush sets will include a number of different brushes to attempt to counter this problem. Rather than trying to give you one jack of all trades, master of none brush. They will give you many brushes that have been specifically designed with a particular technique in mind to help you get the perfect look every single time no matter what the makeup technique requirements are.

We have also see a whole bunch of people saying some of the cheaper end products on the market has caused slight inflammation on their skin, slight scratching and in a small number of cases, an allergic reaction. This is usually due to companies cutting corners with their bristles on their cosmetic brushes. This are usually from the extremely cheap products from unknown brands that have little to no feedback on their product. An easy way to avoid this is to make sure you only use the best makeup brushes for cheap that have been released by established, well known cosmetic companies that have a large presence on the global market.

The Best Makeup Brushes For Cheap!

A question that are are seeing with an increasing frequency is based around cheap makeup kits that are used by professional makeup artists. As you may imagine, as these people are professionals and earn their money from their equipment, they tend not to skim on cost and ensure that they always have the best products available at the time. The said, we have noticed that some of the cheaper end products out there are starting to be added to professional makeup kits that are used on the move. As they are so cheap, the artist uses them so if they are damaged or lost during transit then they can quickly and easily replace the product rather than having to replace an expensive product.

The final point that we will be taking a look at is the refunds policy on these products. Although there are a small number of cash grab companies out there who may stop all communications with you once you mention a refund. As you have the right to a refund if a product is damaged by law, the major cosmetic companies will always give you a full refund or a replacement product as the last thing they need after spending millions of dollars developing their brands if to have their names dragged through the media with negative stories.

The best makeup brushes for cheap we recommend

We will not be moving onto the next section of the article as we have covered the main points we feel everyone should consider when looking to purchase a new cheap makeup brush. Although you can go to a site such as amazon or department stores to hunt out your new brush, we have taken the time to select a few products that we feel are good enough to recommend to our readers to save you time and effort and remove the need for you ti do it yourself.

MAC – For The Girl

The first cheap makeup brush set that we recommend is the For The Girl range by MAC cosmetics. As you would expect from MAC products, it is extremely high quality considering it is just an entry level makeup brush set.

It includes 13 different brushes, six are for the direct application of makeup, six are for perfecting your look and the final brush is for the application of your foundation. There is a brush cleaning pot included with the brush set allowing you to easily clean each of the brushes with minimal effort using nothing but warm water.

The bristles are made of a unique synthetic material that prevents allergic reactions and inflammation of the skin while ensuring that your make up is applied in the best way possible. The handles of each of the brushes are made from a strong and durable plastic that is easy to grip allowing you to have maximum control of the brush to get the perfect smokey eyes every time.

Although the six application brushes are quiet lengthy, we suspect they would easily fit in an average sized makeup bag without any problems. The six sculpting brushes are slightly shorter and should fit into any makeup bag without issue.

As this brush set is from MAC cosmetics, you can rest assure that you will easily be able to clim a warranty refund if your brushes are damaged on delivery for any reason. We have also seen a number of comments saying that the brushes remained usable after being dropped or trampled on by accident numerous times during use.

Sabi – The Look

The second makeup brush set we will be taking a look at is the look brush set offered by Sabi. Although Sabi are a relatively new cosmetic brand in the grand scheme of things, they have quickly established themselves due to the excellent quality of their specialist budget ranged products taking over a large section of the market very quickly.

This particular set comes with six different brushed as well as a small tin case for storage. The brushes all have their own individual specialist use for the application of makeup meaning you will be prepared for any makeup challenge you can think of.

Although we have seen comments suggesting the bristles of the brush begin to become brittle after cleaning, we suspect this is due to the owner using a chemical based cleaning solution rather than good old warm water as recommended by the manufacturer.

With over 500 reviews on amazon and an average rating of over four stars, you can rest assured you are getting a top quality product for the lowest price possible that will last you for months to come without the need for replacement.

Only By Only

Although not just a regular makeup brush set, the only by only range also includes various other accessories such as hair, nail and teeth products offering a good cosmetic kit for that all round experience. Due to all of this additional equipment being included in the product, the general retail price seems to fluctuate around the $50 mark depending on where you are shopping with free delivery available from most outlets.

The makeup brush set from this particular kit had 11 different brushed including two base layer brushes or the application of your foundation or blush. One of the brushes in the brush set has a number of additional head attachments to enable yo auto quickly and easily change the purpose of the brush within seconds. The idea behind this is that instead of having to take the full cosmetic brush kit with you when you travel, you can simply take that one single brush as well as all of its head attachments saving you valuable space and weight.

When researching this product, we could not find any credible complaints about the makeup set. In this high competition market where customers expect the very best from their products for the best price possible, you can feel confident you are getting an excellent product at a bargain price no matter where you purchase the set from.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this article has helped you understand the type of features you should look for when choosing a cheap makeup brush as well as saved you the time and effort of having to dig through the large number of online lists for the best makeup brushes for cheap by using our recommended brush sets.

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