Are you someone who is looking for the best monitor for video editing? There are hundreds and thousands of monitors available in the market and this is why one can easily get confused about selecting the best monitor from the wide range of choice of monitors. However, to make it easy for one to choose the best one, let’s take a look at the LG Electronics 31MU97 31 inch LED lit monitor, which is considered as one of the best monitors. This article will take a quick look at this best monitor for video editing.

A look at LG Electronics 31 MU97 31 inch LED lit monitor:

  • This top notch monitor is capable of delivering the best resolution of 4096×2160 on the 31 inch LED lit display. Therefore, one will be able to get a better and enhanced pixel accumulation on the screen of the monitor. The resolution level offered by this monitor is rated four times more and higher than the Full HD content.
  • There are various amazing features offered by this best monitor, which makes it the top notch monitor for high quality video editing. This monitor has been designed in such a way with the single stream transport technology, which helps to resolve all the issues with the image sync and this helps to ensure that one will get extremely smooth details when the video is being edited and this will result in high quality edited video. With the help of the Adobe RGB technology, the IPS display of this monitor manages maximum coverage of 99.5%. This monitor has also been designed to handle the full variations of the saturation, colour, shadow and brightness. The flicker safe monitor display is designed in a perfect manner to offer the best 10 bit colour depth, which helps out greatly during video editing. The 4K display offers a lot of advantages for video editing. The 10 bit colour depth helps to support colours over 1 billion. This is also 64 times greater and richer than the colour display of 8 bit. Without banding of colour, it helps to re create the colour in a natural and soft manner. With the help of these features, one will be able to get the best accurate and natural looking images with details.
  • This monitor will also offer the best adjustments for both the height and a proper suitable tilt, which will help one to work in the best possible way when editing the video(s). The aspect ratio of this monitor can go high up to 17:9. This monitor also offers various ranges of connectivity and this also includes Mini Display port. The design quality of this monitor is pleasing.

These are some amazing reasons why this monitor is the perfect monitor for video editing. These features offered by this monitor helps the video editors, whether beginner or professional to get high quality video editing. This monitor is also very easy to use and one will find the amazing technology and the amazing colour coverage to help with the editing of the videos.